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Bringing Images to Life: The Art of 3D Printed Lithophanes.

3D printing technology has revolutionized the way we create and design objects. It has opened up new avenues for art and craft, enabling designers to bring their imagination to life in a tangible form. One such application of 3D printing is the creation of lithophanes, an age-old technique that has been given a modern twist […]

Faking it

If you want a strong colour look for your lithophanes(resin or FDM printed), you can always fake it rather than looking for the perfect filament or resin mix. This process can give your lithophane a completely differently look and mood by just gluing or otherwise attaching a colour acetate sheet to the back of the […]

Gadunky LithoResin

Update August 1st 2022:  That’s all folks! All 500 bottles bottles sold. That’s probably the end of the line for this product due to difficulties getting such small batches manufactured in China, shipped to Ireland for quality control and then sold and shipped globally. Maybe things will change in 2023, but for now its definitely […]