Lithophane Stands

These are for use with our 6mm thick framed lithophanes(other sizes also available). They hold the lithophane at an 80° angle for best viewing(the flat section with the curve should be facing the back).

Print with 100% infill in whatever material and colour you like(tested with PLA, PETG and ABS). A layer height of 0.2mm is a good balance between quality and print time on these.

The height of the lithophane must also be considered when using a stand. These have been designed to comfortably hold a lithophane with a height 1.75x the length of the stand. So the 180mm version should hold a lithophane with a height of 315mm(180mm+75%) without falling over. In practice it will hold a much taller lithophane than this, but we only recommend up to 1.75x the length.

The first couple of stands have a 3D preview so you can see how the back design can differ depending on the size.

Lithophane Stand – 180mm – v3

Lithophane Stand – 116mm – v3

Lithophane Stand Downloads: